In the Zone Panel Discussion

19 October, 2015

In the zone panel1

Changing national laws can be cumbersome. Finding central government solutions to local problems can be impossible. But what would happen if we allowed New Zealand’s regions to develop their own answers to their needs? What if we allowed them to opt out of parts of national regulations and legislation?  

Join us for a thought-provoking event to launch our new report. We believe special economic zones (SEZ’s) are just what we need to promote growth in our cities and regions. But is New Zealand ready for this radical idea?

Discussing the SEZ revolution, we will have:

  • Chris Bishop, National Party MP
  • Rob Cameron, Cameron Partners
  • Clare Curran, Labour Party MP
  • Ron Mark, NZ First Party MP

Don’t miss this event on SEZs. You might be living in one soon.

Date: Monday 19 October 2015
Time: 5.30 PM - 8.00 PM
Location: Mac's Function Centre, Te Aro room, 4 Taranaki St, Wellington

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