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Eric Crampton

Podcast: Eric Crampton on safety measures ahead of the opening of the trans Tasman bubble

In this week's Initiative podcast, and ahead of the trans Tasman bubble opening up on 19 April 2021, Chief Economist Dr Eric Crampton discusses the safety measures that should already be in place to make this a success and, hopefully, put New Zealand on track to open up bubbles with other low-risk countries. 


The New Zealand Initiative · PODCAST: Dr Eric Crampton discusses safety measures around the opening of the Trans Tasman bubble Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
9 April, 2021
David round green FINAL v2

Podcast: Dr David Law on the housing package and what it will mean for the housing market and rental market

Dr Oliver Hartwich and Dr David Law discuss the details of the government's new housing package and what it will mean for the housing market, house prices and first home buyers. They also discuss the consequences for the rental market and the pitfalls of rent controls. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr David Law
31 March, 2021

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