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RNZ: No evidence modern learning environments work - report

In 2011 the Ministry of Education embarked on a 10 year strategy to rejuvenate New Zealand's ageing classrooms. Millions of dollars were spent building open plan classrooms and implementing student led learning strategies. But in his report for The New Zealand Initiative, Dr Michael Johnston, found there was little evidence the policy has worked at all, and in some cases may be making learning even more difficult for some students. Read more

Dr Michael Johnston
Radio NZ - Nine to Noon
20 September, 2022
three waters money bank

Bad debt and a bad precedent

Among the problems leading to the Government’s proposed Three Waters reforms were councils loading up their balance sheets with dubious debt. So it seems odd that the Government plans on loading up the balance sheets of amalgamated water service entities with dubious debt. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
13 September, 2022
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Podcast: Eric Crampton and Scott Wilson on the history of funding and financing NZ's roads

Dr Eric Crampton interviews Client Service Lead for Milestone Solutions, Scott Wilson, in this follow up interview to their discussion about transport funding and getting roads built. In this episode they talk about the history of how New Zealand funded and financed roads, and the structures of getting roads approved. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Scott Wilson
7 September, 2022

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