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Report highlights importance of civic education

In our report Democracy in the Dark, we argue that New Zealanders might need to brush up on their civics homework before the upcoming election in October. Chief Editor Nathan Smith joins Radio NZ's The Panel to discuss the report's findings. Read more

The Panel - Radio NZ
9 September, 2020
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Tax is love?

In a predictable statement earlier this week, the Green Party co-leader declared her party’s undying love for taxation. A rather Orwellian take on the libertarian war cry of “tax is theft,” Marama Davidson said those who fork out money to the state are world-saving humanitarians since “tax is love.” In the spirit of this wonderful reframing of charity, I propose a few more ideas so Kiwis can help spread the “love.” A good place to start is property rights. Read more

Insights Newsletter
31 July, 2020
no money

Greens' wealth tax would bring 'a dose of poverty to all'

The Green Party’s “Poverty Action Plan” is all about tackling poverty, although the outcomes may differ from what the party expects. While it is meant to help struggling Kiwis, the plan will instead provoke emigration, disincentivise work and saving and stifle investment in education and skills, capital, enterprise and innovation. Read more

Dr David Law
The Dominion Post
13 July, 2020

Let's not borrow to save

The Government’s plan to recover from the Covid-19 crisis has essentially been about finding new ways to spend. As a result, public debt is expected to increase from 19% of GDP in 2019 to a whopping 54% by 2024 and remain elevated for decades to come. Read more

Dr David Law
NZ Herald
7 July, 2020

Media Release: New research project shows what is really happening with cannabis legalisation in the US

Wellington, 25 June 2020 - The US experience with cannabis legalisation is as diverse as its many models – each state runs things differently, according to a new research project by the New Zealand Initiative. The Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill referendum is booked for 19 September, and all sides of the cannabis debate will want to pick examples that best fit their position. Read more

Media Release
25 June, 2020

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