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Submission: Ensuring our energy and airports regulation is fit for purpose

In our submission to the Commerce Commission on its open letter "Ensuring our energy and airports regulation is fit for purpose" we urge the Commerce Commission to act consistently with our statutory emissions targets as they are worded in the legislation. Terms like “decarbonisation,” “energy transition” and “low carbon economy” are not consistent with our statutory targets. Read more

Matt Burgess
7 May, 2021

Media release: Government Fair Pay Agreement Proposal will harm workers and consumers

Wellington (Friday, 7 May 2021): The Government’s proposal announced today to impose compulsory industry-wide collective bargaining on employees and employers without their agreement or even their participation will harm everyone but unions,” said Roger Partridge, chair of The New Zealand Initiative. Partridge said The New Zealand Initiative’s 2019 report, Work in Progress: Why Fair Pay Agreements would be bad for labour, found that Fair Pay Agreements would be likely to harm productivity and would be not be in the interests of workers, the unemployed, consumers, and overall wellbeing. Read more

Media release
7 May, 2021

Podcast: David Law on the perils of rent controls

Following the release of his recent research note, Rent controls: The next mistake in housing policy, Dr David Law highlights some of the issues of rent controls and explains why it is often older, and high-income earners who end up benefitting the most when rent controls are introduced.


The New Zealand Initiative · Podcast: David Law on the perils of rent controls Read more

Dr David Law
6 May, 2021

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