Podcast: Sir Bill English on the Individualised Funding model for disability support

Matt Burgess
Sir Bill English
2 September, 2021

Individualised Funding, or IF, is a funding model for disability support. IF gives money directly to individuals so they can hire their own support staff. Each individual’s personal budget is set based on an assessment of their needs. Today, there are around 8,000 people on IF, nearly 20% of the people who receive disability support. 

Matt Burgess talks to Rt Hon Sir Bill English about the transformative effects that IF is having in the lives of disability support recipients and their families. Sir Bill is an owner of Manawanui, the largest IF host in the country. 

Sir Bill is a former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. He led the National government’s social investment approach.  

You can read more about IF in the New Zealand Initiative’s report released last week, The Power of Freedom: How personal budgets for social services are transforming lives.

You can see the launch webinar here

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