A new tool for infrastructure delivery

New Zealand faces a significant challenge: building essential smaller scale infrastructure assets like schools, medical facilities and social housing. These initiatives may not be as grand as the likes of City Rail Link and other mega-projects, but they are equally (if not more) vital for our communities. Read more

Christoph Vojc
Insights Newsletter
16 February, 2024
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Priced out: Why New Zealand will not join AUKUS

Despite initial hopes that New Zealand would align itself with the trilateral strategic partnership between the US, the UK and Australia (AUKUS), New Zealand recently shut down any suggestion that this was a possibility. Whilst this may come as a surprise to New Zealand’s traditional allies, the reason for this is simple: New Zealand is too dependent on Chinese trade to risk jeopardising its relationship with the world’s 2nd largest economy. Read more

NAVY League Essay Competition
9 February, 2024
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Europe’s impossible nuclear option

In a previous column I discussed the precarious state of European security in light of the rising threat of Russia and the potential decline of US involvement (Europe’s precarious security could invite Putin to expand war, 26 January 2024). Today, I will analyse a potential way for Europe to organise its own security: the development of a European nuclear shield. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
7 February, 2024
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A campaign for Wellington, and beyond

If a council’s zoning plans are wrong, it is hard for anything else to be right. If building enough housing in places where people want to live is forbidden, housing will be scarce, rents and house prices will be too high, and every other ‘wellbeing’ that councils try to deliver will suffer. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
2 February, 2024

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