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A labour market reform that would improve productivity growth

Readers of this column will be only too well aware why the Government’s proposals to return to compulsory, occupation-wide collective bargaining (misleadingly dubbed “Fair Pay Agreements”) will damage New Zealand’s already fragile productivity growth. The evidence is set out in black and white in The New Zealand Initiative’s 2019 report, Work in Progress: Why Fair Pay Agreements would be bad for labour. Read more

Roger Partridge
NZ Herald
22 June, 2021
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Feebate follies

The vehicle feebate scheme announced Sunday might result in more electric vehicles, but it cannot affect net carbon emissions. Transport is covered by the Emissions Trading Scheme’s binding cap on net emissions. Read more

Dr Eric Crampton
Insights Newsletter
18 June, 2021
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To Graduation and Beyond

Secondary schools should provide every student with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed after graduation. However, in our latest report, To Graduation and Beyond, we show that this is not always the case. Read more

Insights Newsletter
11 June, 2021
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News from the Unreserved Bank

In mid-2019, the Reserve Bank signalled it was considering unconventional monetary policy such as quantitative easing (QE), vulgo: money printing. Back then, Eric Crampton, Robert MacCulloch and I wrote a short paper called The Unreserved Bank of New Zealand: Why unorthodox monetary policy needs boundaries. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Insights Newsletter
4 June, 2021

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