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The fiscal mess provoking fears of an Italian exit

When the Covid-19 crisis first struck Italy earlier this year, this column warned it might set off a chain of events that would wreck the Mediterranean country’s economy. On 10 March (A catastrophe that will cripple Italy), I pointed out that Italy would experience an economic collapse as public debt soared past 150 percent of GDP. Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
1 December, 2020
Shelley Bay Wellington

This is why housing is expensive

Last Sunday, Wellington mayor Andy Foster joined a protest at a housing development at Shelly Bay. Wearing suit and tie, he pitched tents to support the occupation but then later told media he thought it was merely a “community gathering.” Regardless, Foster’s attendance at the protest was inescapably seen as going against his own council, which days earlier voted to support the $500 million project. Read more

Matt Burgess
Insights Newsletter
27 November, 2020
Classroom student

To graduation and beyond

All around the country Kiwi students are in the thick of their long-awaited NCEA exams. Many of which will now have a new appreciation for the immense value of schooling – particularly after being locked out for several weeks this year. School is more than cheap day-care. Read more

Joel Hernandez
Insights Newsletter
20 November, 2020
Coal wagon v2

Why the Decarbonising Fund will have no impact on NZ's emissions

Last week, the Government announced a new $70 million fund which will pay companies to move heating processes from coal to cleaner alternatives. The Prime Minister said the fund, which is called Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI), is a “win win” that will “create jobs while lowering emissions”. Read more

Matt Burgess
NZ Herald
17 November, 2020

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