Webinar recording: Every life is worth the same

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Dr Bryce Wilkinson
Emeritus Professor Des Gorman
30 August, 2022

Are Māori dying earlier because they are Māori? Do Māori lead less healthy lives because they are being discriminated against? And how much racism is there in the New Zealand health system?
These are the questions at the heart of a new report by Senior Fellow Dr Bryce Wikinson.
Bryce researched claims made by the Government that systemic racism is to blame for poor Māori health outcomes. And he also analysed the Government’s prescription to remedy the situation by prioritising health spending for Māori, especially in Pharmac’s medicine procurement.
This is a recording of a webinar on Bryce’s new report. Also interviewed is the author of the foreword, University of Auckland health expert Professor Des Gorman (Ngapuhi).
Together, Bryce and Des discussed if, as the title of the report states, “Every life is worth the same”.

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