Peter Williams Hosts Taxpayer Talk: Dr Oliver Hartwich And Callum Purves On The Future Of Local Government

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Peter Williams, Callum Purves
The Taxpayers’ Union
17 February, 2023

In this edition of Taxpayer Talk, the focus is on local government with guests Dr Oliver Hartwich and Callum Purves. A review into the future of local government has been commissioned but it fails to address the main issues affecting the sector, in particular the way it’s funded and what its main functions should be. 

New Zealand Initiative Executive Director, Oliver Hartwich, explains to host Peter Williams why more localism is such an important concept and why it can be great for a country’s economy. Taxpayers' Union Campaign Manager, Callum Purves, himself a former councillor in Scotland, explains what was wrong with the recent local government review. 

Also in the podcast, the War on Waste team focus on some silly spending by the Wellington City Council.

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