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Matt Burgess

Senior Economist

Matt Burgess is a Senior Economist at The New Zealand Initiative. He was Senior Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Chief Executive of iPredict, and a Senior Associate at consultants Charles River Associates.

He has a Master of Commerce in economics with first class honours from the University of Canterbury and a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and mathematics.

Latest reports:
Real action, not empty words: How to make the Zero Carbon Bill about cutting emissions (2019)
Research Note: When the facts change - How the ICCC saved New Zealand from a policy disaster (2019)
Switched on! Achieving a green, affordable and reliable energy future (2019)


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Recent Work

globe hands

NZ needs better friends

New Zealand needs better friends, if comments by other countries about our efforts to reduce emissions are to be believed. Last week, Newsroom reported “players like the United Kingdom and the European Union have promised much more ambitious cuts [in greenhouse gas emissions] and pledged not to use international offsets. Read more

Matt Burgess
15 December, 2020
Shelley Bay Wellington

This is why housing is expensive

Last Sunday, Wellington mayor Andy Foster joined a protest at a housing development at Shelly Bay. Wearing suit and tie, he pitched tents to support the occupation but then later told media he thought it was merely a “community gathering.” Regardless, Foster’s attendance at the protest was inescapably seen as going against his own council, which days earlier voted to support the $500 million project. Read more

Matt Burgess
Insights Newsletter
27 November, 2020
Coal wagon v2

Why the Decarbonising Fund will have no impact on NZ's emissions

Last week, the Government announced a new $70 million fund which will pay companies to move heating processes from coal to cleaner alternatives. The Prime Minister said the fund, which is called Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI), is a “win win” that will “create jobs while lowering emissions”. Read more

Matt Burgess
NZ Herald
17 November, 2020

Greta is right

Two developments this week on the Government’s flagship Zero Carbon Bill. First, Parliament’s Environment Committee sent its report recommending changes back to the House, having waded through more than 10,000 public submissions. Read more

Matt Burgess
Insights Newsletter
25 October, 2019

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