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Matt Burgess

Senior Economist

Matt Burgess is a Senior Economist at The New Zealand Initiative. He was Senior Economic Advisor to the Minister of Finance, Chief Executive of iPredict, and a Senior Associate at consultants Charles River Associates.

He has a Master of Commerce in economics with first class honours from the University of Canterbury and a Bachelor of Commerce in economics and mathematics.

Latest reports:
Real action, not empty words: How to make the Zero Carbon Bill about cutting emissions (2019)
Research Note: When the facts change - How the ICCC saved New Zealand from a policy disaster (2019)
Switched on! Achieving a green, affordable and reliable energy future (2019)


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Recent Work

Forest v2

No case for reform

After eight weeks of poring over the 847 pages of analysis from the Climate Change Commission, two findings stand out. First, the Commission shows current policies, including the Emissions Trading Scheme (“ETS”), will deliver our 2050 emissions targets. Read more

Matt Burgess
Insights Newsletter
26 March, 2021

Podcast: Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich discuss emissions policy

Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich sit down to discuss Oliver's recent Newsroom column on what we can learn from the European ETS experience, and how it relates to some of the finer points in the Climate Change Commission's draft emissions report.


The New Zealand Initiative · Matt Burgess and Oliver Hartwich discuss emissions policy Read more

Dr Oliver Hartwich
Matt Burgess
24 March, 2021
pottery wheel

Emissions offsets can protect our heritage better than the Climate Commission

When you think about who could suffer the most from the sweeping reforms proposed by the Climate Change Commission, the ceramics industry is probably not the first on your list. But the threat from the Commission’s plan is real for the artists, clubs, students, collectors, and employers who use LPG and gas-fired kilns to craft their pottery. Read more

Matt Burgess
NZ Herald
16 March, 2021
Emmissions v2

Defending the ETS

This week, the Climate Change Commission told the government it should take control of the economy to lower emissions. The Commission’s advice, part of its draft emissions budgets to 2035, was based on doubts that New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will be enough. Read more

Matt Burgess
Insights Newsletter
5 February, 2021

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