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Luke Redward

Research Intern

Luke is a law student at Victoria University of Wellington, currently entering his fourth year of study. Previously, he worked in the office of the Shadow Attorney-General doing policy research around various legal and Māori related issues. Luke’s areas of interest are in the area of Constitutional reform, Māori affairs, and LGBTQI+ advocacy. 

Phone: 04 499 0790


Recent Work

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Tax is love?

In a predictable statement earlier this week, the Green Party co-leader declared her party’s undying love for taxation. A rather Orwellian take on the libertarian war cry of “tax is theft,” Marama Davidson said those who fork out money to the state are world-saving humanitarians since “tax is love.” In the spirit of this wonderful reframing of charity, I propose a few more ideas so Kiwis can help spread the “love.” A good place to start is property rights. Read more

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31 July, 2020
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Bake sale: Victoria University

This week, the vice chancellor of Victoria University (in Wellington) proved once again he is the bull in the china shop by doubling down on an $150 weekly holding fee for first year student halls. Now, we can all sympathise with universities since they have lost a large portion of their income from international students. Read more

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1 May, 2020


Some of us have been training for a scenario like this our entire lives! Coronavirus has hit and in the early public reaction to the outbreak, there are already talks of a possible nation-wide quarantine or “self-isolation” policy. Read more

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13 March, 2020
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One-up Australia

This week, opposition leader Simon Bridges announced he would introduce an elite anti-gang task force if elected. Loosely modelled on Australia’s Strike Force Raptor, such a policy may be appropriate on the other side of the ditch. Read more

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29 November, 2019

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