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Leonard Hong

Research Assistant

Leonard joins The New Zealand Initiative as a Research Assistant. In 2019, Leonard completed his BA/BCom Conjoint degree at The University of Auckland. He majored in Politics & International Relations, History, Economics, and International Business. Previously he has worked as a research intern at The Centre for Independent Studies on economic, cultural, and global affairs.

Leonard is also a current member of the National Unification Advisory Council within the Korean Consulate in Auckland. 

He is currently working on a research project for The New Zealand Initiative that investigates the effects of demographics changes on the housing market.

Latest reports:
Research Note: Lessons from East Asia's Covid-19 Containment (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from Abroad: Taiwan's Covid-19 Containment Model (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from abroad: South Korea's Covid-19 containment model (2020)
Research Note: Lessons from abroad: Singapore’s Covid-19 containment model (2020)


Phone: 04 499 0790

Email: leonard.hong@nzinitiative.org.nz

Recent Work


Singapore's successful containment of Covid-19

Plenty of first-world countries have been hit with Coronavirus cases and failed to stamp it out effectively. However, Singapore has once again shined as an example of clever public policy.As of March 17, Singapore has a very low total number of cases with (243) because its government took what World Health Organisation Director-General Tedros Adhanom described as an “all-of-government approach." How did it achieve this? In the initial phase, Singapore focused mainly on border controls to prevent the virus entering. Read more

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17 March, 2020

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